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  • Thìa gỗ cụt RORT - IKEA

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0936.35.34.35 0961.18.17.81

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Product dimensions
Length: 31 cm

Key features
Kind to pots and pans with non-stick coating.
Johanna Jelinek
Package measurement and weight
Article Number: 302.784.59
Packages: 1
Width: 7 cm
Height: 2 cm
Length: 31 cm
Weight: 0.08 kg
We have clear requirements for all wood used in IKEA products, including a ban on illegally harvested wood. IKEA is also increasing the amount of wood sourced from well-managed forests and recycled wood, from a third to 50% by 2017.
Renewable material (wood).
care instructions
The surface has been treated with oil. For full protection, oil it regularly with wood oil.
Handwash only.
Product description
Solid beech, Oil

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